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Take Control of Your Content and Inspire Collaboration with Private Groups

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When you take advantage of Private Groups in social collaboration tools, you allow users to target content to relevant user profiles without the distraction of conversations outside of their interests. With full control over content privacy, you can determine if each group’s content should be private for members only, or discoverable by community members. Establishing private groups will also allow collaboration to happen within safe environments where groups can develop a consensus on a topic or program before sharing all or part of the content across communities.

Join us this Thursday, Jan. 15 at 11 a.m. CST for this installment of Bloomfire’s Live Demo Shorts series to see how Bloomfire’s Private Groups can help you organize and protect your content based on the appropriate audiences, then enable team members to opt-in to the content that matters to them. In just 20 minutes, you’ll see how easy it is to:

• Set Your Group’s Privacy Settings—Establish group access levels between Discoverable, Discoverable & Ask to Join, and Private.
• Add Members and Content—Administrators can easily control membership across private groups while your homepage rolls up content published across all of your active groups.
• Collaborate with Context—Reduce noise for the broader community while sharing knowledge only with the people who need it.

Webinar: Demo Shorts: Private Groups

Date: Thursday, January 1t at 11 a.m. CST

Speaker: Sara Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Bloomfire

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January 13, 2015

Harness The Power Of Knowledge Sharing With Digital Transformation

Companies that grasp what the digital workplace is really all about are willing to change the ways people and applications connect across their organizations. By fostering a digitally driven culture of collaboration, they break down silos, share knowledge more effectively and compete more successfully.

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