A Day in the Life: How Our Team Members Use Bloomfire [Video Series]

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    When our team members need to ask a question, share their knowledge, or find a specific piece of content, they Bloomfire it.

    That’s right: we use our own knowledge management software so much that it has verb status. 

    Employees in every department use Bloomfire knowledge hubs, which we call communities, to access the knowledge they need to do their jobs and stay connected across teams–which is crucial in our hybrid work environment. 

    Because Bloomfire is highly flexible and supports a wide range of needs across departments, we thought it would be helpful to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how some of our team members use the platform in their roles. Check out their overviews and videos below.

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    How Betsy Uses Bloomfire for Company-Wide Knowledge Sharing

    Betsy Anderson, Senior Implementation Project Manager, works with Bloomfire customers to help them set up their knowledge management platform, drive adoption with their end users, and encourage long-term engagement. In addition to helping our customers maximize their value in Bloomfire, she also regularly uses Bloomfire Internal, our employee-facing community, to share implementation stories and best practices, find answers to questions for customers, and more.

    As a Bloomfire super user, Betsy graciously offered to provide a six-minute overview of how she uses our platform for company-wide knowledge sharing and engagement.

    Here’s what Betsy highlights: 

    • Customizing our internal Bloomfire community to match our brand
    • Using our Homepage Builder to choose what content our team members see first
    • Searching for content and viewing search previews
    • Applying filters to narrow down results

    How Talya Uses Bloomfire for Marketing Research & Competitive Intelligence

    As our Director of Product Marketing, Talya Heller Greenberger does a lot of research on the market and competitive landscape for our product. She shares her insights with our Marketing and Sales teams through our dedicated Bloomfire Sales community, helping everyone make more informed decisions around product messaging and assisting our customers and prospective customers. 

    Talya also relies on historical information available in the Bloomfire Sales community to inform her work. For example, in her first month on the job, she was able to complete a win/loss analysis because she not only had access to our CRM data, but also years of contextual information published by our Sales team in Bloomfire.

    Knowing that we also have a lot of customers who use Bloomfire to share market research and insights–and access the information they need to make data-driven decisions–Talya offered to provide a seven-minute dive into how she uses Bloomfire for research and competitive intelligence. 

    Here’s what Talya highlights:

    • Creating a competitive analysis content series
    • Sharing competitor news in real time via an RSS feed on the homepage
    • Creating content feeds based on specific criteria
    • Publishing a research report with an auto-generated summary
    • Searching for words spoken in a customer video

    How Chad Uses Bloomfire for Customer Support

    As our Director of Customer Support, Chad Schexnayder spends a lot of time using both our Bloomfire Internal community and our customer-facing Bloomfire Help Center. 

    With our Internal community, he often publishes questions and gets answers from product experts so he can provide the most accurate, up-to-date responses to customers. He also publishes training recordings and overview guides to product updates so that all employees who work with customers are familiar with our latest features. 

    Chad also regularly contributes how-to and feature overview content to our Bloomfire Help Center so customers can self-serve answers to straightforward questions and get familiar with the platform’s capabilities. 

    In the 7-minute video below, Chad shares more about how he uses these two Bloomfire communities to share internal and customer-facing knowledge. He also demonstrates how he uses our Zendesk integration to average a two-minute response time to customer-submitted tickets during business hours.

    Here’s what Chad highlights:

    • Searching for an answer to a customer question in our employee-facing Bloomfire community
    • Publishing a new question and choosing an Accepted Answer
    • Searching for a specific document in our customer-facing Bloomfire Help Center
    • Using Bloomfire’s Zendesk integration to search for answers to a customer question and link content to a ticket

    How Stephanie Uses Bloomfire for Sales Enablement

    Sales Operations Manager Stephanie Avery wants to make sure every part of our sales cycle goes smoothly and both customers and prospective customers have a great experience working with Bloomfire. And that means she puts a lot of thought into how to equip or Sales team members for success, from documenting new processes to facilitating training sessions (fun fact: she’s also the top content contributor in our Bloomfire Sales community).

    Stephanie provided a five-minute overview of some of the ways she uses Bloomfire to share sales enablement content, push out important updates to our Sales team, and measure content engagement.

    Here’s what Stephanie highlights:

    • Formatting our Sales community homepage to deliver the most timely and relevant content to our sales team
    • Creating a post in our Bloomfire Sales community to deliver sales training information
    • Using Bloomfire’s Advanced Reporting to see how the sales team is engaging with content

    How Ingrid Uses Bloomfire for Employee Onboarding 

    Ingrid White, Senior Director of Operational Excellence, is always looking for ways to improve and optimize internal operations, including the new employee onboarding process. Since joining Bloomfire, she has put a lot of work into overhauling the onboarding experience, updating new hire materials, and generally ensuring new employees can hit the ground running. And it should come as no surprise that she regularly uses our Bloomfire Internal community to help her do this.

    Ingrid created a four-minute video to help operations and onboarding leaders get an idea of how Bloomfire can help streamline onboarding and improve the employee experience.

    Here’s what Ingrid highlights:

    • Using a new hire series to give new employees access to bite-sized onboarding information right away
    • Scheduling time-sensitive content to publish or unpublish
    • Using Advanced Reporting to ensure new employees’ questions are being answered and hold employees accountable for reviewing content

    We hope these videos from our team members have given you some ideas about how Bloomfire could enable greater productivity, increased knowledge sharing, and time savings for your department or entire company.

    If you’re interested in seeing more, schedule a call with our team.

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