How Ogilvy Uses Bloomfire as a Curated Content Hub 

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I was excited to hear Evan Shumeyko of Ogilvy speak at the Bloomfire user conference because I’d heard secondhand all about the success they’ve had with Bloomfire. They improved engagement by 30 percent, increased user satisfaction by 75 percent, and saved $200,000 by switching from a competing product.

Ogilvy uses Bloomfire as a curated content hub that connects to a larger ecosystem of communications between the agency and their customers.

“We use Bloomfire to push out content that enables our customers to sell more or drive more usage of their product,” Shumeyko said. “We arm them with the knowledge they need to improvise; it’s the virtual water cooler.”

He gave the example of a large client that worked with Ogilvy to create a commercial or ad campaign. After seeing the commercial, a potential customer contacts the call center or visits a store and wants to have a conversation about signing up for the product or using it more. Bloomfire gives Ogilvy the opportunity to push relevant content to those customer-facing teams.

He says that the tool allows them to push nuggets of information out that their client’s service people who are having conversations can use to enrich their interactions. For his customer, it’s a way for marketing to communicate in real time with sales and service teams, giving them the tools they need to make more money or retain more customers.

Shumeyko’s advice to others looking to build a content hub is to:

  • Listen to your end users
  • Analyze what they’re really saying
  • Think about what content you can provide that will make their job easier
  • Appoint someone who understands gamification to act as community manager to promote engagement
  • Design, implement, and then optimize the hub

He said that Bloomfire has created a loop between Ogilvy, their client, and the people in the field who are interacting directly with customers. One of his clients rolled out Bloomfire to a test group and found that their customers spent 22 percent more than groups not yet using Bloomfire.

To hear more of the Ogilvy story, check out the case study.

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June 24, 2015

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