Improve Customer Service: Help Your Customers Help Themselves

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    Everyone is obsessing over how to improve customer service experiences, and industry titans like Amazon are changing the expectations customers have when it comes to the interaction with your brand. Staying agile and adapting to client wants and needs matters.

    Need proof?

    • 94% of customers who have a low-effort experience with customer support make a repeat purchase from the same company (CEB)
    • 54% of customers share bad experiences with more than five people, 33% share good experiences with more than five people (Dimensional Research)
    • 92% of organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator offer multiple contact channels (Deloitte)

    A customer-facing knowledge base will upgrade your organization’s support operations and enable you to easily offer accessible information to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction, improving your customer support team’s productivity, and decreasing support ticket volume.

    Provide Actionable Answers

    When a customer is looking for support, they are ready to take action and resolve their issue immediately. With a customer-facing knowledge base, you can help customers resolve their questions with a searchable information.

    Remember, 94% of customers respond well to low-effort experiences, so if you are giving them an easy-to-search knowledge base, you’re on the right track. But giving them a tool that also allows for global search will help them resolve questions – without having to wait for an answer.

    Customize Customer Content

    The more a customer has to dig through your company information for the right answer, the more frustrated they become. Improve customer service by providing a knowledge base that allows personalized content for the user, quickly.  For example, you can create groups of customers based on products they’ve purchased and only show them content specific to those products.By allowing customers to publicly ask questions of your support team and even to each other ou can get a fuller picture of what content customers are looking for, You will start to see gaps in content and/or information, allowing you to ensure your customer support content is as dynamic as your customer base.

    Optimize Your Content For Use And Engagement

    You are already monitoring your content for marketing and sales success, right? The same stats that are driving that content can also be used to optimize your customer support knowledge base. We already know that when it comes to consumer content:

    Watching Video > Reading Articles

    Graphic Design > Text

    With this in mind, improve customer service by supplying content your customers want to read. Create solutions that are easily digestible and still comprehensive, answering their questions quickly and efficiently.

    Still unsure of what an effective customer-facing knowledge base should look like? Check out the Bloomfire Help Desk here.

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