Production Studio Technology – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

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    The way people work has been evolving. Organizations are leveraging a multitude of technologies to automate processes and bringing technology into every aspect of the business. They are also initiating flex-time and ‘unlimited vacation’ policies, allowing employees to pick how and when and where they work. And for good reason — creating a digital workplace can help to improve agility, productivity and engagement.

    There are many different strategies for building a digital workplace and technologies driving the change. We covered one aspect to building a digital workplace, Bürolandschaft, and the influence office architecture has on collaboration and productivity. Another emerging trend that caught our attention is known as production studio technology.

    What Is Production Studio Technology?

    Using production studio technology can help unleash the creative side of your employees and empower them to create engaging content. These tools are developed so they can be quickly adopted, without disrupting existing processes and help alleviate frustrations employees experience executing on their day-to-day tasks. It’s about moving beyond using static tools like PowerPoint or SharePoint to package information and leveraging innovative tools that promote knowledge sharing.

    Creating engaging content has benefits not only to the content creator, but also to the learners and consumers of that content throughout your organization.

    Collaboration and knowledge sharing are arguably two of the most important elements in being able to maintain a competitive edge. Ironically, they are two areas many organizations struggle with internally. This stresses the importance of having production studio technology integrated within your organization, whether that is company-wide or departmental-wide.

    So, Why Do I Need It?

    Think about your favorite apps and content you consume. Now think about the content you consume at work. The goal of production studio technology is to help improve engagement of your employees and combat challenges organizations face. It helps your employees think differently by providing a platform where creativity becomes second nature.

    Let’s consider the need for production studio technology in a real-world scenario: your marketing team creates a plethora of sales collateral in the form of Word documents and PowerPoints. Sure, this content gets the message across, and it might be visually appealing to your audience, but it’s also very one-dimensional.

    Production studio technology takes content up a notch by allowing curators to transform those one-dimensional documents, and add volume and context in the form of videos. Viewers are then able to have an even more profound emotional connection with the content — and are more likely to learn. And this is not to mention the effect this content can have on customers and prospects.

    Organizations need to promote an environment where teams can have access to this type of technology, so they can get those creative juices flowing. Ultimately, creativity leads to innovation and a better way of doing things.

    Knowledge Sharing And Production Studio Technology

    As organizations look for new ways to share information across departments to break down communication barriers and information hierarchies through knowledge sharing, it’s important to think about how these two concepts work together.

    They play a complementing role with how knowledge is communicated, shared, and learned. Knowledge sharing platforms make it easy for employees to find what they need to do their jobs, while production studio technology shifts the way that knowledge is created and engaged with. Everyone learns differently, so by being able to curate knowledge in different formats, you’re one step closer to creating greater alignment.

    And this holds especially true for your Millennial workforce (which, by the way, will be 75% of the global workforce by 2025. A digital workplace is more than just a phenomenon: it will soon become the norm. Therefore, providing your employees with the tools and skills they need to be successful in their jobs is crucial.

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