Rich Authoring Update: Creating Content has Never Been Easier

Written by Bloomfire Admin

Have you tested Bloomfire’s new Rich Authoring capabilities yet? If not, what are you waiting for!

As you know, we’ve always placed a significant emphasis on user experience and making enterprise collaboration incredibly easy so people will truly use the software. Our latest enhancements to rich authoring allow you to enjoy the same editorial look and feel in Bloomfire that you experience with blogs and other popular consumer platforms. It’s another example of how we are acting upon our commitment to ease-of-use.

As you test drive our new features, here are some things to check out:

  • Type content, embed links, add videos, files, and images in a single post
  • Easily edit and move content around to control the appearance of a post
  • Add captions to describe each piece of content within the post
  • Auto-save while editing
  • Choose from a thumbnail gallery of images

A few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Categorize – Make sure to categorize and tag your content for easy access in the future.
  • Keep it short and sweet – Don’t overwhelm your reader. Shorter content that gets to the point quicker is easier to consume.
  • Define an expiration date – If your content will only be relevant for a specific amount of time, note the time-frame in the title or description so users know if it’s current or out-of-date when viewing the content at a later date.

To learn more about Bloomfire’s Rich Authoring, check out this video:


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