Roundup: Benchmarking Social Business Tools, Scaling Customer Experience, and More

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    We’re happy to share some of the most interesting recent content we’ve come across about social business, the future of work, and customer experience that we hope you’ll find interesting and valuable.

    Benchmarking Social Business Tools

    A complete social business strategy requires more than publishing social media guidelines for employees. This ComputerWeekly article argues that leaders need to change their thinking and understanding of the enterprise as a social ecosystem.

    Four Tactics to Become More Responsive

    Businesses must be continuously adaptive and innovative to be successful. However, when shifts in the marketplace occur, many are still reluctant to adjust. In this Forbes article, Reuven Gorsht shares four tactics companies can use to be more responsive to opportunities and challenges.

    Social Business Application Market Growth

    According to 451 Research, the social business applications market is expected to more than double in revenue from 2014 to 2019.

    Meet the Boss of the Future

    The makeup of the U.S. workforce is changing dramatically; as of 2014, one in every three working Americans is some kind of freelancer. In this Fast Company article, Jane Porter explains how management must adjust to ever-changing teams mixed with full-time and freelance employees.

    How to Use Social Media in Sales

    In this Huffington Post article, John Rampton gives examples of how successful salespeople are using social media to connect with difficult-to-reach buyers who ignore cold calls and beat their quotas.

    Scaling Customer Experience

    Consumers and small business owners alike are enjoying the benefits of today’s sharing economy. However, the industry is lacking a consistent, positive, customer experience due to the fast growth of services like Lyft, Favor, and Uber. In this Forbes article, Blake Morgan talks about the importance of training, onboarding, and coaching to scale customer experience.

    Tech Hacks for a Balanced Life

    As companies are paying more attention to work/life balance by implementing new policies, employees are also finding their own ways to balance their careers and personal lives. This Mashable article by Eli Epstein offers 6 Tech Hacks to Master Your Work/Life Balance.

    We’ll continue to share these roundups every few weeks, and would love your recommendations. The articles included here have all been shared on our Twitter feed, @bloomfire, and we would love to connect with you there also.

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