Sales Training Is Dead: 5 Ways To Make Your Reps Smarter & Faster (Webinar)

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3 mins

Date: Tuesday, March 3
Time: 11:00am CST
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Traditional sales training fails to prepare sales reps effectively, resulting in lost deals and lower sales revenues. Even though U.S. companies spend $20 billion on sales training, 83% of buyers say reps aren’t adding any value during their sales conversation.

Today’s sales force needs a new approach to learning. They need to have access to the content they need as soon as they need it, on the device they have on hand, in the formats that make it easiest to learn. How can you build a process to create, distribute and manage this type of training effectively?

In this webinar Jim Hickey, principal at CSO Insights and Marc McNamara, content strategist with The Value Shift will discuss these 5 areas:

  • The increasing importance of preparing new and existing reps
  • Why traditional sales training has become irrelevant
  • How to create quality content that accelerates learning
  • The keys to distributing and managing content for today’s sales reps
  • The pitfalls to avoid when creating a “content at the point of work” approach

About our presenters:

Jim Dickie, Managing Partner, CSO Insights

Jim Dickie_9987Jim is a contributing editor for CRM Magazine, CustomerThink,, a contributing author for the Harvard Business Review; and the author of The Chief Sales Officers Guide to CRM, Insights into High Tech Sales and Marketing, and the co-author of The Sales & Marketing Excellence Challenge and The Information Technology Challenge. He has served as an advisor to Baylor University’s Center for Professional Selling, William Patterson University’s Russ Berry Institute for Professional Selling, and a lecturer at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. He has over 29 years of sales and marketing management experience. Jim began his career with IBM and Sterling Software and then went on to launch two successful software companies.

CSO Insights is a research firm that specializes in benchmarking how companies are leveraging people, process, and technology to optimize the way they market to, sell to, and service customers.

Marc McNamara, Chief Content Strategist, The Value Shift

Marc_400Marc is a sales content expert. He specializes in helping B2B sales and marketing organizations blend art and science to appropriately craft the right content and engineer critical processes for productivity. Marc brings over 25 years of experience assisting organizations in the use of mediated communications to achieve marketing and sales productivity increases. Prior to Value Shift, Marc was the leader of Brainshark’s sales enablement practice, which includes content services, content solutions and process integration. Before Brainshark, Marc spent 12 years as principal and co-founder of Avitage, where he designed and delivered electronic sales enablement programs to Fortune 500 companies. Marc holds a B.A. in Communications from Boston College and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

The Value Shift increases sales productivity by the optimizing the creation, management and delivery of effective content, knowledge and tools. Their unique content methodology and solutions ensure their clients sales productivity investment will directly support their sales organization – from first call to close – and generate more measurable sales results and higher ROI than traditional sales and marketing investments.

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February 20, 2015

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