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Free Data Sheet Tap Into Your Company Knowledge Right From the Bloomfire Chrome Extension

Our Customers These brands are leveraging knowledge sharing to boost efficiency

We work with companies to help them increase efficiency by providing exceptional knowledge sharing and customer support platform solutions.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Capital One
Mulesoft case study Moira Chambers testimonial
It’s very simple and self-explanatory with Bloomfire. Our sales partners can do everything themselves rather than us having to enable them. The feedback from our partners has been, ‘This is awesome.’
Moira Chambers
Partner Communications Lead

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The Bloomfire Chrome Extension allows your teams to access content in the Bloomfire Platform while staying in the Chrome browser.

Download our data sheet to learn how teams can use the Bloomfire Chrome Extension to move from research to action with information right at their fingertips.

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    Simple search

    Every word in every file is indexed, so you can quickly find answers within all your files by searching in your Chrome browser.
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    File browser

    When you find what you need, preview files directly from the Chrome browser.
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    Re-engage teams with notifications and alerts

    Users can see when they have alerts and view notifications about new posts, new follows, and more.