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Case Study Dime Equips Employees with the Knowledge They Need to Make Informed Decisions

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Dime Community Bank has been serving the New York Community for over 100 years. The company has grown to 60 locations across New York and employs over 800 people. Customers trust Dime for their personal and business banking needs because they believe that better banking starts with personal relationships.

Overhauling Knowledge Management to Enable Easier Knowledge Sharing

While having over 100 years of company knowledge was a boon for Dime, organizing and delivering this large volume of knowledge to 800 employees proved challenging. Most of Dime’s company knowledge lived in software that was slow and hard to use, and employees dreaded trying to find the information in it. A recent merger only compounded that challenge. Large amounts of content were found to be outdated and some irrelevant.

Dime looked to VP, Director of Training Sabrina Aucello and Training Specialist Lauren Adamo to overhaul the company knowledge base. Sabrina and team tried to make the legacy software work, but after evaluating the time it would take and the overall dissatisfaction of the legacy tool, they opted to search for a new knowledge management platform that wouldn’t fill users with angst.

A Seamless Shift to Bloomfire

Sabrina and Lauren sought an easy-to-use central source of reliable information that would enhance internal collaboration and empower Dime employees to make better-informed decisions. Additionally, Sabrina and Lauren wanted a partner that would align with and embody Dime’s company values. Sabrina said, “We evaluated about five knowledge management vendors, but once we saw Bloomfire, we knew what we wanted. Hands down, nothing compared to Bloomfire’s powerful search engine, AI, and deep indexing capabilities. I was also pleasantly surprised that implementation didn’t require much from our IT team!” 

Dime’s Resource Center (their Bloomfire instance) closely aligns with the Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose of the organization.

With the assistance of Bloomfire’s implementation team, the large clean-up became an easy lift for Dime. Sabrina stated, “They made our vision come to life. Bloomfire is user-friendly, and the implementation team executed a seamless setup with all of our updated documents.” 

Lauren added, “Our users are so much more engaged now. I’ve heard people say, ‘this is way more intuitive and will help branch efficiency,’ and a lead teller told me that ‘work will be easier now.’ Having our employees be excited to use our knowledge management platform is a huge win for our company.”

Company-Wide Buy-In for Better Knowledge Management

Dime is seeing incredible results after implementing Bloomfire. Lauren shared, “In the first 90 days of launching our Bloomfire community, we had over 12,000 views on 1,200 contributions. Even members of our C-suite were viewing and contributing content.” 

The Dime Community Bank team has made significant strides in achieving its goal of leveraging an easy-to-use central source of information for employees to quickly and effortlessly find what they need. Sabrina said, “Having a tool like Bloomfire allows us to continue enhancing and building our corporate communications strategy without limitations.”

To make managing the 800+ users in the community a little easier, the Dime team opted to implement SCIM. This API will automatically provision and decommission users and take that work away from the community manager(s). Sabrina mentioned, “Having SCIM is a huge benefit. We want to make sure we’re always showing the correct information and ensure the right users have access to company information.”

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