How Bloomfire Helped Easy Ice Create Competitive Advantage and Improve Their Service Offering

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    • Reduced onboarding time by 25%
    • Improved customer service
    • Instant access to technical content

    Easy Ice offers commercial ice machines to restaurants and hotels, catering to the needs of the hospitality industry. With over 35,000 machines across the country, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by offering an innovative equipment-as-a-service model. This model allows businesses to pay a small monthly fee to cover all expenses related to their ice machines, including maintenance, emergency ice, and repairs.

    The Challenge

    One of the biggest challenges for Easy Ice was ensuring that their technicians could quickly diagnose and fix any issues with the machines. With 450 technicians nationwide, they must have access to the correct knowledge and technical content in real-time.

    The Solution

    Easy Ice uses Bloomfire to house, categorize, and provide instantaneous access to technical content for their technicians. Ryan Kelly, CMO at Easy Ice, says, “We have the most knowledge in the world on how to fix ice machines. Having Bloomfire empowers our company to deliver that knowledge to our techs in their moment of need. We save time and money because we can efficiently diagnose and fix issues.”

    The ability to diagnose issues quickly is essential to Easy Ice’s success. If there aren’t enough techs, they cannot fulfill the promise of preventative maintenance. Bloomfire helps Easy Ice ramp up new techs quickly, which is essential given the high turnover rate in this industry.

    “Using Bloomfire has given us a competitive edge. Our competitors lack the knowledge that we have, and their knowledge is confined to certain areas, making it hard for technicians to access it. In addition, Bloomfire has reduced our onboarding time by approximately 25%. With Bloomfire, we no longer have to be concerned about technicians lacking expertise in our machines.”

    Ryan KellyCEO

    A Partnership for Success

    Easy Ice has enhanced its service offerings and leveraged Bloomfire’s capabilities to transform its technical information into 15-minute video modules, sales cheat sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. By accessing these resources, the sales team at Easy Ice gains a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of the company’s offerings. As a result, they have been established as industry and product experts, effectively bridging the gap between their technical knowledge and the service offerings they provide.

    Overall, Bloomfire has been instrumental in enhancing Easy Ice’s service quality and competitive edge while boosting knowledge retention within the company. This strategic use of Bloomfire cements Easy Ice’s status as an industry leader and underscores its dedication to exceptional customer service.

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