MGM Enhances Efficiency with Bloomfire’s Enterprise Search Capabilities

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    MGM Resorts International, a global hospitality and entertainment leader, is renowned for its iconic resorts and venues. With a rich history spanning decades, MGM offers world-class accommodations, gaming, dining, and entertainment experiences. Each property, from luxurious Las Vegas Strip hotels to destination resorts worldwide, is a testament to MGM’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As a major player in live events, concerts, and digital content, MGM is dedicated to sustainability and community engagement. It strives to deliver exceptional guest experiences while setting the standard for luxury and innovation in the hospitality industry.

    “Bloomfire has become an essential tool that our entire team relies on and values —it’s absolutely vital to our workflow. We’ve significantly smoothed our daily operations and boosted overall efficiency.”

    Barry KeaneOperations Manager

    The Challenge

    MGM operates 12 distinct properties, each with its own unique offerings in dining, entertainment, casino, and spa services. Managing a wealth of information across these properties proved challenging compared to their previous system. MGM used a SharePoint site that lacked robust search capabilities, making it difficult for call center agents and supervisors to navigate and retrieve timely information. This often resulted in delays and added pressure on staff, impacting the overall customer experience.

    The Solution

    To address these challenges, MGM restructured its contact center operations, which includes reservations, VIP services, and member services, by integrating Bloomfire. This platform became central to their strategy for improving service delivery across all touchpoints. Bloomfire’s powerful search functionality and intuitive navigation system empowered agents to access all necessary information swiftly and efficiently. By centralizing their vast repository of data into one accessible knowledge base, MGM ensured that every agent could find specific information instantly without needing to pause conversations or place customers on hold. This strategic overhaul not only streamlined communications but also enhanced the operational efficiency of the call centers.

    The Results

    The implementation of Bloomfire resulted in significant improvements in MGM’s customer support operations. With enhanced search capabilities, agents were able to handle calls more effectively, reducing the duration and improving control over call handling times. The newfound efficiency increased agent availability and minimized information retrieval dependency on supervisors and peers. Overall, MGM reaped the financial benefits of $481,082 in improved productivity across over 800 customer support agents, marking a substantial enhancement in both customer satisfaction and operational performance.

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