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An Enterprise Intranet Platform Tailored for Dynamic Businesses

Unleash the power of a connected, informed, and engaged workforce with Bloomfire’s Enterprise Intranet Software.

Bloomfire elevates your enterprise intranet, turning it into a powerhouse of seamless communication, unified knowledge management, and invigorated cross-departmental collaboration. Navigate through the intricacies of your organizational knowledge effortlessly, ensuring that every stakeholder, irrespective of their role or geographical location, has unbridled access to crucial company information. With Bloomfire’s intranet CMS, your enterprise thrives in an ecosystem where over 90% of users witness increased satisfaction and a notable rise in operational productivity.

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Enhance your enterprise communication with our intranet platform

Bloomfire propels enterprise communication and collaboration to the next level, making indispensable corporate information readily available to every team member, wherever they may be located. Most companies need help with isolated data repositories, difficult-to-find, dispersed information, and scattered and non-unified communications. All of these challenges lead to a significant loss of employee productivity. This study found that the average knowledge worker in the US spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

Enhance skills, facilitate collaboration, and improve strategic understanding with an Enterprise Intranet Platform

44 %

of people use intranets to learn new skills or pursue goals (Source: Gitnux)

85 %

of intranet users report the ability to collaborate and co-create content
(Source: Gitnux)

72 %

of employees don’t have a complete understanding of the company’s strategy (Source: Haiilo)

The Buyers Guide to Knowledge Management Software

Our guide walks you through the value of knowledge management platforms, how to evaluate different types of technology, how to choose the best solution for your business, and how to get buy-in for the answer from your entire organization.

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Experience an intuitive company intranet with Bloomfire

Bloomfire isn’t just intranet portal software; it’s a revolutionary step from traditional, clunky, and disjointed internal intranet communication systems that created issues with fragmented information and made data retrieval difficult, often leading to a lack of employee user engagement. Bloomfire stands out by providing a user-friendly, AI-driven, and adaptable intranet solution that can be molded to fit your unique organizational needs.

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Hassle-free content development and deployment

Break free from the chains of complex and IT-dependent content publishing with Bloomfire’s intuitive intranet CMS. With user-friendly AI Authoring Tools and a straightforward publishing process, all team members – regardless of their technical expertise – can swiftly create, manage, and deploy content on your company’s intranet. This democratizes content development and keeps your intranet continually rich, updated, and reflective of all departmental insights without IT intervention.

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Seamlessly access and manage integral information

Navigate beyond the struggle of disjointed and inaccessible information with Bloomfire’s centralized repository. This dedicated hub ensures that every piece of information – text, visuals, or audio – not only has a designated place but is also easily retrievable, directly countering the difficulty 47% of workers face with typical intranet usage.

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Inclusive, tailored access and collaboration across the board

Bridge the internal communication gaps that 72% of employees experience with their current company intranet. Bloomfire elevates the user experience by democratizing access and enabling contribution across all hierarchical levels of an organization. From C-Suite executives to interns, each individual within the company is granted equal access to contribute to the collective knowledge pool, which creates an inclusive, collaborative, and engaged digital culture.

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Streamline workflows with seamless connectivity

Facilitate smooth workflows and company cohesiveness by ensuring your intranet platform is not an isolated entity but a synchronized part of your digital ecosystem. Bloomfire’s intranet cms software effortlessly integrates with your existing tools and systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, promoting seamless interactions and continuous, unhindered work processes across all departments.

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Bloomfire’s easy-to-use, consumer-friendly platform has become a key asset that helps our clients do their jobs better every day. Instead of a clunky, latent, inconsistent intranet portal, we can provide an agile, responsive knowledge management and collaboration platform that integrates seamlessly in the flow of work and aligns with existing branding.

Senior Director of Dialogue StrategyOgilvy Health

Our team has been exposed to tons of different tech that promises to make their jobs easier; my initial goal was to have the team see Bloomfire as ‘not another piece of tech.’ It was very important to us to have this program be part of everyday life for our team.

Training ManagerGiltner

Bloomfire’s Enterprise Intranet Software Features

Layouts and Customization

Empower organizations to modify their intranet’s layout and design to mirror their specific needs and brand identity, boosting user experience and ensuring a cohesive visual identity across all internal digital platforms.

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Enable organizations to self-manage and modify their intranet platform, offering the flexibility to adapt to internal needs without the continuous need for extensive IT support, thereby accelerating response to evolving organizational demands.

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Data Security

Ensure the security of all internal communications and data, rigorously protecting sensitive information and compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding the organization from potential breaches, and maintaining steadfast reliability in internal communications.

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Analytics Suite

Provide actionable insights into user engagement and content performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enabling continuous platform optimization, ensuring the intranet evolves in alignment with user needs and organizational objectives.

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