Webinar Replay: Building The Workforce Of The Future with Knowledge Management & AI

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    Explore the transformative intersections of knowledge management and AI in our latest webinar, ‘Building The Workforce of the Future with Knowledge Management & AI.’ Hosted by Bloomfire’s CMO, Dan Stradtman, and featuring Dr. Tony Rhem, an esteemed AI and KM expert, this session covers how these technologies reshape organizational strategies and workforce dynamics.

    Acquire practical insights on enhancing operational efficiency through AI-driven knowledge management systems, fostering a learning-centric culture, and addressing ethical considerations in AI deployment. Dr. Rhem, drawing from his extensive experience, provides actionable strategies for integrating AI with KM to equip organizations for future challenges.

    For a deeper dive, check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Knowledge Management and Top Software Platforms,’ co-authored by Dr. Rhem. It provides detailed evaluations of 10 knowledge management platforms and best practices in KM.

    Watch our full webinar here:

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