Democratizing Insights at DraftKings

Watch this on-demand, 20-minute webinar to learn how User Research at DraftKings has evolved from a single-product, design-focused individual to a full-service team that supports the entire organization with the mission of relentlessly enhancing their user experience.

In this talk, Annie Corbett, Senior Manager of the User Research team at DraftKings, shares how the team has expanded and evolved over the past 3 years by building a culture of research awareness, collaboration, and democratization.

Watch this webinar to learn how DraftKings:
  • Built a team focused on bringing the voice of the consumer to life
  • Used Bloomfire to centralize and democratize insights from three different research teams
  • Made cultural changes to drive cross-team collaboration and engagement with research
  • Empowered stakeholders across the organization to find insights on demand through Bloomfire
Democratizing Insights at DraftKings

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Annie CorbettSenior Manager, User Research, DraftKings
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