The New Driving Forces Behind a Great Employee and Customer Experience

In this webinar, Emma Galdo, Director of Customer Success at Bloomfire, and John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher at TSIA discuss market trends shaping what’s needed to create empowered employees and best practices for connecting people, technologies, and processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale.

Discussion areas include:

  • Optimizing the hybrid workplace: Enabling seamless access to knowledge and information, regardless of an employee’s physical work location.
  • Making customer knowledge accessible: Employees must be empowered to find, share, and use customer insights in real time, enabling them to deliver personalized solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Prioritizing cross-functional collaboration: When all employees have a shared view of CX goals and a holistic view of the customer, they are better prepared to collaborate across teams and deliver a human-centric customer experience.
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