Bloomfire News Hub Helps Market Researchers Stay Abreast of Consumer Trends

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    Bloomfire is proud to announce our newest addition to our Insights Platform, the News Hub. This feature helps market research and insights teams monitor industry news, competitors, and consumer trends.

    Our Insights Platform was purpose-built for insights teams as their hub for curated insights and research. Combining the latest news to the platform provides business stakeholders with all of the information they need to turn insights into action.

    “Customer insights teams are the core of many enterprises today — and their goal is to become more proactive, delivering value at the front end of the decision making process,” says Mark Hammer, CEO at Bloomfire. “To do that, they require a platform that monitors news important to the enterprise as well as a platform that allows them to house, curate, and make their research and insights easily searchable. The combined News Hub and Bloomfire Insights Platform solution gives this power to insights teams — and to the enterprise.

    Bloomfire works with some of the world’s leading insights teams, including Conagra Brands, Southwest Airlines, Capital One, Harley Davidson, FedEx, and Anthem Inc. Tim Miller, Senior Director of Shopper Insights at Conagra Brands, says the company chose Bloomfire because they “needed a way to share information and knowledge with agility and accuracy across the organization. Bloomfire made that possible in an intuitive way.”

    The Bloomfire Insights Platform combines an intuitive interface with a powerful artificial intelligence-driven search engine. Bloomfire uses artificial intelligence to deepen user engagement and save time through features such as automatic tagging of content that is uploaded to the platform and content recommendations based on user search history.

    The problem of knowledge sharing is big — and expensive. According to McKinsey, employees spend about 20% of their day searching for the information they need to do their jobs. If a company of 500 people uses Bloomfire and cuts this time in half, they will save $2,750,000 a year in productivity gains — simply by reducing the time spent searching for information.

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