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The Platform That Makes Your Teams Smarter

The people that make up your company have a wealth of knowledge–and a lot of untapped potential. Bloomfire is the knowledge engagement platform that captures your organization’s collective knowledge and makes it accessible to everyone across the organization so they can do their best work.


Turn Knowledge Sprawl Into Knowledge For All

Shared drives. Email inboxes. Random desktops. The minds of subject matter experts. Knowledge exists in a wide range of locations and forms across your company. Bloomfire brings all that knowledge into one place and makes everything searchable so that people always have access to the information and insights they need.

“It’s super easy to upload content and share information. The platform is very visually appealing and there is almost no learning curve to engage with it.”
Vanessa Roddam, Director of Shopper Insights,
Constellation Brands

Surface the Right Knowledge at the Right Time

Any way you search for information is the right way. Bloomfire makes it easy for you, your team members, and everyone else across the company to find relevant information–whether you’re looking for a specific piece of content or just trying to find out what your organization already knows about a particular topic.

"Our teams are more productive with Bloomfire. Because our team is now remote, it is our main tool to provide information to our employees. Bloomfire ensures that employees can all be looking at the same info at the same time."
Josua Carey, Operations Manager,
MGM Resorts International

Curate Knowledge Your Teams Can Use

Why spend time documenting your knowledge or creating a piece of content if no one uses it? We created Bloomfire with knowledge engagement in mind, and we give you the tools to package and deliver your knowledge in ways that encourage people to consume, share, and collaborate.

“We have been challenged with information overload, and it’s important to segment information so that it’s most effective for the searcher. Bloomfire has been a great asset in decreasing the time we spend trying to find the right information, ultimately allowing us to deliver key insights and actionable recommendations to our clients faster.”
Steve Hixon, VP of Customer Engagement,
Midan Marketing

Protect Your Strategic Advantage

The knowledge that exists across your organization is your company’s greatest asset. Bloomfire helps you protect that asset and increase your strategic advantage–without requiring you to rely heavily on your IT team.

“One of the areas where Bloomfire really shines is in its admin tools and reporting. As a knowledge manager, that made me cheer.”
Courtney Langdon, Certified Knowledge Manager,

Software Your IT Team Can Trust

Flexible and user-friendly enough that non-technical team leaders can manage the platform on their own, Bloomfire minimizes the need for IT team maintenance without compromising security. There’s a reason leading banks, insurance companies, and consumer brands trust Bloomfire.

“Of all the tools we explored, we knew right away that Bloomfire was the easiest to use and implement.”
Tammy Shelman, VP of Member Services,
AGIA Affinity

Connected With Tools You Use Every Day

Connect Bloomfire with the apps you and your teams use every day so you can access and share knowledge in the flow of work. Bloomfire integrates with some of the most popular business tech solutions and offers an open API so you can establish integrations with additional technologies your teams rely on.

Our Customers Say It Best

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