How to Get More Out of Your Social Media Content Plan

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We’ve previously discussed how you can curate and revive content in your knowledge sharing community to make it easily accessible to those who need it to do their jobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

If you’ve been publishing content to your blog and then letting it languish, it’s time to develop a content curation strategy for your company’s social media platforms. Sharing your content on social media helps you expand your visibility and reach an audience that may have missed the content the first time around. And sharing the right content at the right time might just turn your followers into customers.

Here are three strategies to help you maximize the value of your social media content plan.

1. Keep It Consistent

The less sporadic your publishing on social media tends to be, the more likely your viewers are to consistently tune in to see what you have to say. Consistency will establish your company as a reputable source of information in the minds of your followers.

Determine a theme for the content you choose to share on social media, and stick with it. When determining what topics to share, always keep your audience in mind. What would be helpful and provide true value for them? Industry trends, how-tos, and relevant statistics are a great place to start.

Pro tip: Share content from your partners and prospects in addition to your own content. Not only can you be certain it will be relevant to your audience, but you will let them know you’re paying attention to what they have to say.

2. Keep A Calendar

There is no shortage of resources available to help you keep track of what is scheduled to be published on your social media accounts. Whether you choose HubSpot, Buffer, or any other social media management service, always plan your social media calendar at least two weeks in advance. This will eliminate redundancy and allow you to see holes in your calendar that need to be filled, as well as topics that have yet to be addressed.

3. Measure Your Curation

According to marketer Heidi Cohen, over 40 percent of marketers do not track the performance of their social media content plan. What is the point of putting in the time and effort necessary to create and expertly curate a collection of content if you never measure the good it’s doing for your company? As with any marketing campaign or project, in order to prove its success, you must start out with measurable goals.

Use a tool such as Google Analytics or Hubspot, as well as the analytics that are built into social media platforms, to track page views, unique page views, return visits, and social media interactions to ensure you are sharing content that your audience is excited to engage with.

If we can offer one last piece of advice for your social media content plan, it’s to stick with it. Many companies launch their social media content plan with a lot of enthusiasm, but allow their publishing schedule to drop off over time. Building a successful social media content plan requires a long-term commitment, but the better you are at sticking with your schedule, the more likely it is to pay off.

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