What To Look For in a Sales Enablement Solution

Dana Youngren
Dana Youngren
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Sales enablement, oh sales enablement. Where would your team be without sales enablement?

Well, we’ll tell you: your team would spend hours a week scrambling to find the information they need among folders of unorganized content, funnel resources into targeting the wrong accounts, and be unprepared to build relationships with prospects and customers.

You may already have a team or individual responsible for sales enablement, but without a sales enablement solution, it’s possible you’re missing the bigger picture.

A sales enablement solution is a tool that provides sales representatives with the information and content they need to close the sale. Put simply, the best sales enablement tools empower collaboration between sales and marketing (or other teams responsible for producing the content sales uses to close deals).

Thanks to this collaboration, the majority of you team is not dependent on the A-team, a select few who are keepers of the content and possessors of natural sales talent. When sales and marketing collaborate effectively, everyone has access to what they need to close the deal.

But, like any piece of machinery when broken or missing one or more key components, the solution becomes ineffective. Needless to say, trying to solve a problem without the best sales enablement tools in your arsenal is not always pretty.

When shopping around for a sales enablement solution, look for these seven key features to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software:

1. CRM Integration

If your sales team is anything like ours, they live in their CRM system. There’s no getting around it; if your sales enablement solution does not integrate with your CRM, reps will not use it. CRM integration provides your team with all the information, content, and data they need to move prospects through the sales funnel, without ever having to leave their CRM.

2. Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

Your sales enablement solution should, among many other benefits, serve as a centralized location for company content that sales and marketing teams can both view, in one place. Mutual access to the content each team is using and producing on a daily basis allows both teams to understand what they can do to better empower the other to turn prospects into customers. And with all content stored in one place, there’s a reduced risk that one team will overlook what another has been working on, or replicate work that’s already been done.

3. Increased Visibility

To further improve upon collaboration between departments within your organization, the best sales enablement tools offer increased visibility towards shared goals, KPI’s, and SLA’s. By ensuring that all departments are working towards the same objective and measuring success by the same performance indicators, your sales and marketing strategies become streamlined and more efficient.

4. Analytics

An analytics feature is essential to measuring the success of your sales enablement solution and the collaboration it empowers between teams. Analytics allow you to identify which content is being used, with what frequency, and the success of that content in regards to closing deals. Evaluating the effectiveness of the material your team uses every day will alert those who produce content to what should be expanded on, and identify what is not useful and should be removed to decrease clutter.

5. Video

Video is possibly the most effective method of sales training. If your SE solution includes video, your best sales representatives can record themselves giving demos and intro calls for less experienced team members to use as an educational resource. Other sales reps can record their demos and calls to share for evaluation, allowing them to receive constructive feedback and direction.

6. Mobile Access

Sales reps need access to company knowledge and content on the road as much as they do in the office. Mobile access is crucial to a successful sales enablement solution because it empowers your reps with the information they need to close the deal while traveling, with a client, or working remotely.

7. Powerful Search

The general trend of these benefits revolves around access to sales and marketing content. But what good is a wealth of thoroughly researched and expertly developed content if your sales reps can’t access it at the drop of a hat? Look for a sales enablement solution with a powerful search (and a system of tags and categories that filter search results even further) so that finding the right piece of content is a piece of cake.

When you identify the best sales enablement tools for your sales team, your reps will be empowered to target the right accounts, collaborate with other departments to maximize the use of content, build quality relationships with prospects, and move prospects through the sales funnel more efficiently.

December 7, 2016

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