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Enhance Knowledge Management with Corporate Wiki Software

Forge a cohesive knowledge-sharing environment with a comprehensive and full-featured company wiki solution.

Navigate the complexities of managing, sharing, and accessing organizational knowledge with Bloomfire’s powerful corporate wiki software. Bloomfire’s wiki solution can unite your company’s collective wisdom into a centralized, accessible, and dynamically updated knowledge base, empowering teams across geographical and hierarchical spectrum. Our intelligent, easy-to-use corporate wiki tools facilitate unbridled access to critical information and ensure every stakeholder is equipped with the insights they need whenever they need them.

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Streamline knowledge sharing with our company wiki solution

Experience a knowledge management model where crucial data isn’t just stored but actively shared, contributing to an informed and efficiently functioning corporate ecosystem. Navigating corporate knowledge can be intricate and time-consuming, with high-skill knowledge workers spending nearly 19% of their time, or one entire workday weekly, searching for information, according to McKinsey. Bloomfire’s enterprise wiki solution emerges as an essential tool, efficiently centralizing critical data and enabling swift access for every team member, wherever they may be. Notably, 83% of users report an uplift in work quality since utilizing Bloomfire, underscoring its pivotal role in enhancing knowledge accessibility and management efficacy. A knowledge management system propels streamlined data access and management. It fortifies real-time collaboration with its robust, user-friendly platform, reshaping organizational approaches towards internal knowledge management and distribution and nurturing a more harmonized, informed, and efficient working environment for employees.

Encourage organizational learning and enhance collaboration with Bloomfire’s Corporate Wiki Software

75 %

of organizations say that creating and preserving knowledge would be important to their success over the next 12-18 months
(Source: Deloitte)

10 %

lift in productivity from organizations that implement a company wiki (Source: Forrester)

84 %

of customers using Bloomfire say they are less worried about knowledge loss due to employee turnover (Source: Bloomfire
ROI Survey)

The Buyers Guide to Knowledge Management Software

Our guide walks you through the value of knowledge management platforms, how to evaluate different types of technology, how to choose the best solution for your business, and how to get buy-in for the answer from your entire organization.

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Knowledge engagement strategy

Unlock seamless knowledge management

Bloomfire’s company wiki solution isn’t just about storing information; it’s about enhancing accessibility, fostering collaboration, and facilitating informed decision-making across your organization. It brings a suite of features that specifically cater to the unique demands of managing a corporate knowledge base, ensuring that every piece of information is stored and easy to find, share, and manage.

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Ease of use with built-in branding and customization features

Ensure your company wiki mirrors your brand with Bloomfire’s Layouts and Customization features. Branding and customization allow you to tailor your company wiki to fit your organizational identity. Bloomfire’s intuitive publishing features are easy to use, empowering team members to contribute and easily create a usable and well-structured knowledge base.

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Real-time feedback loops

Ensure synchronization and timely information exchange

Facilitate real-time sharing and updates of critical information between your teams. Instantaneous access to company information ensures synchronized operations and more informed decision-making because employees always have access to the most current and relevant data. Effective and instant knowledge sharing bridges information gaps in fast-moving organizational environments, ensuring every team moves cohesively towards organizational objectives.

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Increase your team's efficiency

Keep your knowledge base up-to-date with the most correct and relevant information

Bloomfire allows for the easy creation, modification, and management of diverse content types, ensuring that your knowledge base is perpetually up-to-date and relevant. Navigate through various forms of data and information with a management system that helps structure and organize your content and ensures that it reflects the most current insights and information available.

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Scale across teams

Ensure your internal data is secure with robust access management

Facilitate smooth workflows and company cohesiveness by ensuring your intranet platform is not an isolated entity but a synchronized part of your digital ecosystem. Bloomfire’s intranet cms software effortlessly integrates with your existing tools and systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, promoting seamless interactions and continuous, unhindered work processes across all departments.

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The company’s knowledge base is extremely popular with new employees who can learn on their own time by searching and accessing information without the assistance of their managers or HR. In many cases, Bloomfire exposes them to content they normally would not encounter for weeks or months on the job.

Partner and Co-founderAite Group

When I joined ActiveProspect, we used to have knowledge in quite a few places, like Notion, Website Docs, and Zendesk. Now that we have taken advantage of Bloomfire, we’ve seen an explosion of articles that tease out the very info you need at that moment rather than requiring you to pry that information from a subject matter expert’s mind. Now, the first and often last stop for information is our Bloomfire knowledge base.

Solutions ArchitectActive Prospect

Our team has been exposed to tons of different tech that promises to make their jobs easier; my initial goal was to have the team see Bloomfire as ‘not another piece of tech.’ It was very important to us to have this program be part of everyday life for our team.

Training ManagerGiltner

Bloomfire’s Corporate Wiki Software Features

AI-Powered Search & Discover

Dive deep into your corporate wiki’s vast knowledge reservoir with Bloomfire’s intelligent search capabilities. Each query yields precise and relevant results, ensuring your team always finds the exact information they’re looking for.

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Bloomfire’s company wiki solution allows for effortless self-administration. This autonomy ensures that your organization can quickly and easily publish pages and resources without constant IT oversight, making content updates and organizational shifts smooth and hassle-free.

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AI-Powered Authoring Tools

Crafting and updating wiki entries becomes a breeze with Bloomfire’s AI-Powered Authoring Tools. These tools facilitate creating, publishing, and curating accurate, consistent, and valuable organizational knowledge.

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Analytics Suite

Drive the evolution of your corporate wiki with Bloomfire’s Analytics Suite. Gather actionable insights on user engagement, content performance, and more, allowing your organization to refine and optimize the wiki’s content and structure to ensure ease of use and employee engagement.

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