Pharmaceutical Knowledge Management

Accelerate research, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance through a Pharmaceutical Knowledge Management System.

The pharmaceutical industry is a sentinel of global health, operating at the nexus of scientific innovation, regulatory precision, and patient care. Amidst its intricate labyrinth of research and development, clinical trials, and patient outreach, the pressing demand for an efficient knowledge management system is paramount. Effective pharmaceutical knowledge management is a linchpin, ensuring that groundbreaking insights are not lost in silos but are shared, refined, and capitalized upon during the product development lifecycle. It’s not just about organizing data; it’s about fostering an environment where expertise is preserved and accessible.

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In an industry where the timely relay of information can save lives, knowledge management moves beyond operational efficiency to become a key facilitator of progress, bridging the gap between research benches and bedside care. The proper knowledge, in the right hands, at the right time, can revolutionize the trajectory of drug discovery, streamline and improve manufacturing processes, allow companies to efficiently scale production, ensure product quality standards and enhance patient outcomes.

Advantages of Knowledge Management for Pharmaceuticals

With Bloomfire’s knowledge management solution, you can:

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries use vast research data, clinical trial results, and regulatory documentation. With Bloomfire’s AI-powered Enterprise Search and Discover, professionals can quickly locate and reference the precise data they need without wading through piles of information. This ensures that drug development timelines are shortened, and the best available knowledge informs every decision.

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Pharmaceutical research often encompasses confidential and sensitive data – from proprietary research methods to patient data from clinical trials. Data security is non-negotiable to protect intellectual property, adhere to regulations, and maintain patient confidentiality. A robust data security feature ensures that knowledge is accessible to those who need it and shielded from potential breaches.

Keep Data Secure

Due to the regulated nature of the pharmaceutical sector, maintaining organized, up-to-date, and easily retrievable documentation is crucial. Effective content and documentation management allows for streamlined regulatory compliance, ensures teams work from the most recent and accurate data and promotes efficient collaboration across geographically dispersed research teams.

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Understanding which pieces of knowledge are accessed most frequently, identifying gaps in the current knowledge base, and tracking user engagement is vital for continuous improvement in a fast-evolving industry like pharmaceuticals. Bloomfire’s analytics suite provides insights into how knowledge is consumed, allowing for proactive adjustments, ensuring that the most crucial information is overlooked, and highlighting areas for further exploration or emphasis.

Use Analytics to expand knowledge

Industry statistics related to KM

90 %

of customers report each team member saves at least an hour per week on average.

100 %

of Bloomfire customers agree that being data-driven makes them more cost-efficient.

87 %

of Bloomfire customers have improved their knowledge governance to protect themselves against security risks.

Why Bloomfire for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Bloomfire provides pharmaceutical companies with a centralized and intuitive platform to expertly handle their extensive collection of research, clinical data, and regulatory documentation. Notably, a study by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) highlighted that companies employing knowledge management systems, like Bloomfire, saw a 10% decrease in drug development time. Similarly, research from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development found a 15% cost reduction in drug development for companies utilizing such systems. With features ranging from AI-Powered Search to collaborative workspaces, Bloomfire ensures swift information access and seamless team collaboration. These are crucial in expediting drug development and adeptly navigating the complex realm of global health standards.

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Research Repository

Research is the backbone of the pharmaceutical sector. The ability to easily archive and retrieve study findings, methodologies, and conclusions is crucial. A centralized repository ensures no duplicated effort, reduces time spent tracking down prior research, and allows teams to build upon earlier work, leading to accelerated drug development.

Data Analytics Dashboard

Rapid interpretation of data is crucial. Whether it’s understanding the outcome of a clinical trial, gauging the effectiveness of a drug, or monitoring patient feedback, a comprehensive dashboard allows for timely and informed decisions. Analytics can also improve visibility of the supply chain by providing real-time data on inventory levels, transportation status, and supplier performance. This can help to identify and address problems early on, before they cause disruptions.

Collaborative Workspaces

Given the global nature of pharmaceutical research, with teams often spread across continents, seamless collaboration is necessary. These workspaces ensure that geographically dispersed teams of scientists and researchers can work as if they’re in the same room, fostering innovation and speeding up project timelines.

What Our Clients Achieve

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what fellow Pharmaceutical professionals have to say about their experience with Bloomfire:

“We were looking for a solution that, first and foremost, would be easy for everyone to use right away. We didn’t want to have any barriers to entry: we wanted stakeholders to jump into the platform and start learning, even if they didn’t know the exact terminology to search for or the subject matter expert to turn to. Essentially, we’re simplifying access to the aggregate knowledge of the organization—and that, in turn, is helping our organization stay aligned around our customers.”

Derek Fetzer - Director of Customer Insights & Market Access, Regeneron Derek Fetzer Director of Customer Insights & Market Access, Regeneron

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