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    Bloomfire is giving companies a new way to surface and distribute their most important knowledge. The Newsletter, an in-app feature, lets customers bundle and deliver important content straight to their community members’ inboxes. The Newsletter allows Owners and Admins to select pieces of content from their knowledge sharing platform to send to customizable lists of their Bloomfire Community members.

    “The Newsletter is designed to help get important information in front of the right people at the right time,” says Cynthia Mancha, Bloomfire’s Senior Product Manager. “It’s also meant to help boost engagement and draw infrequent users back into the Bloomfire platform. Newsletter recipients can click through the emails to view full pieces of content in the platform. From there, they can comment, browse related content, ask questions, and more.”

    In addition to increasing engagement in companies’ knowledge sharing communities, the Newsletter is intended to provide customers with a few other key benefits:

    • The ability to highlight certain pieces of content. It’s easy to search for content within a Bloomfire Community and add it to a Newsletter via a drag-and-drop Editor. Newsletters help Community Owners and Admins get more eyes on valuable and timely information.
    • Information in a digestible format. Newsletters include the thumbnail images and headlines associated with each content piece, quickly giving readers context. Owners and Admins can also enhance their Newsletters by adding text and visuals to describe what they’re sharing and why.
    • Fewer company emails. Newsletters help combat email overload. Rather than sending an email for every individual piece of content, users can bundle updates together into one Newsletter and deliver them in a format that gets the attention of recipients.
    • Customization. The Newsletter’s WYSIWYG and HTML editors make it easy to design an email that matches company branding and draws in readers. After designing a Newsletter that they like, Admins and Owners can clone it to use as a template.

    The Bloomfire Newsletter feature is available to all customers at no additional cost.

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