Product Management: Three Concepts To Define The Role

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One of the ways our customers are using Bloomfire is as product management software, or as a way to keep everyone on the same page. If you aren’t already familiar with the term product management, it is probably something you should familiarize yourself with. You may be applying for this type of position, your current role may have been altered to include this role or your company may be talking about moving you to this position as a promotion. Whatever the case may be, having a clearer understanding of what product management is will help you in your profession regardless. So what is product management?

Three Basic Concepts To Know That Help Define The Role:

  1. Product management is more of an organized structure utilized within a business or other organization to manage certain aspects of the business or organization.
  2. Generally, this system is used to manage the design, development, marketing and sales of the products from the business or organization.
  3. Although not all product management includes the entire product life cycle, many of these roles do manage the life cycle from beginning to end.

Of course, once you get into the role of product management you may find your own position also includes other roles or duties you hadn’t really considered. For this reason, it is a good idea to comprehend the role of product management not just the defined concept.

Product Management – The Detail of the Duties:

As part of product management, there are some areas you may be expected to focus on. If this role or title is new to you, these are things to at least be aware of so they are not new concepts to you. For instance, you may also need to be familiar with:

  • Market research – If your organization wants to find out how relevant the product they intend to design and market is to the industry, obviously doing market research is how to make this happen.
  • Project management – Overseeing the production of an individual or team may also be part of your duties or responsibilities when it comes to product management.
  • Motivation and sales – This is more than to the customers, you know. Selling starts with those reps who will be selling the product. Get your sales team informed and excited about the product, and your sales efforts will show gains.
  • Marketing – If you are responsible for the product through the life cycle, helping market the product is a big part of this. Pick up at least some basic knowledge and skills in the important world of marketing and you will set yourself up to be an even better candidate in the world of product management.

This is certainly far from the end of the list of duties that could be included under the title “product manager.” However, it should give you some insight as to other things you could be faced with taking care of as well. Product management can be exciting and full of so many interesting tasks duties that even if the roles go beyond what you expect it can be an extremely rewarding career choice.

May 21, 2012

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