The Importance of Proper Employee Training

Written by Bloomfire Admin

When it comes to employee training, every company is different. There are the companies who prefer to send their employees to a conference to learn from a third party, while others bring a professional in to train employees on site.

A recent article by Andy Molinsky in the Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for employee training. He suggests creating a safe training setting where people can freely experiment with behavior without the pressure and negative stakes of a mistake or misstep. He also recommends providing immediate, supportive feedback that applauds employees efforts to learn.

Getting employees to act out real life situations can help better prepare the individual for when that particular instance comes up in their day-to-day. By adding a role playing element to training programs, employees enhance their current skill set while gaining the confidence to execute when needed.

Employee training is costly so with a good program in place, both employees and companies have something to gain. For more suggestions and examples from Molinsky, check out the article, Employee Training Needs More than a Script.

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