Diversity Matters Tailors Training to Clients with Bloomfire

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    Diversity Matters is an Ohio-based company offering diversity and inclusion training for businesses and individuals. They concentrate on creating sustainable programs customized to their customers’ needs, including online knowledge sharing, training programs, and business advisory services.


    The company was looking for a way to transform diversity education from a one-time event into an ongoing process. They wanted a platform that trainees could access from anywhere and easily search to find the training materials most applicable to them.

    People talk about the democratization of information, but the democratization of technology is something I’m really impressed by with Bloomfire. You can come in without much of a tech background and really maximize the system.

    Neal SemelFounder, Diversity Matters


    The Bloomfire platform allowed Diversity Matters to provide ongoing training to address the varying needs of different individuals and organizations. Diversity Matters founder Neil Semel praises the platform for its searchability and ease of use.

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