How Bloomfire Helped Alphabroder Improve Their Average Handle Times

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    • Increased engagement rate to 88%
    • Improved average handle times by 18%

    Alphabroder is a well-known supplier of promotional apparel, accessories, and various merchandise in the United States. With a rich history in the industry, it has evolved into one of the largest distributors of customizable sportswear and accessories in North America. Serving diverse sectors like promotional products, corporate branding, and team sports, Alphabroder is recognized for its quality products and excellent customer service. The company focuses on delivering a smooth experience for customers through quick order processing, dependable shipping, and responsive customer support.

    The Challenge

    When Alphabroder first transitioned to remote work, they faced a couple of challenges. One was the struggle to quickly and accurately find answers to questions. The other was gathering all the content into one place. With information scattered across multiple platforms, it made for a less-than-ideal experience for both customers and employees.

    The Solution

    Alphabroder eagerly joined our early adopter program to leverage Bloomfire’s latest AI capabilities. With Ask-AI’s assistance, users became more efficient, obtaining answers faster, thus enhancing both user and customer experiences. By implementing Enterprise Search, Alphabroder successfully unified its scattered data repositories into a single system, streamlining access to knowledge and creating a convenient one-stop destination. With these advanced features, Alphabroder can deliver the most pertinent and up-to-date information, facilitating meaningful actions and outcomes for both its employees and customers.

    “We have been testing out the Enterprise Search. I think this is going to be a huge game changer not only for us but for everybody.”

    Chris TranCustomer Experience Manager

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