Marketing Collaboration Tools to Improve Your Team’s Success

Lori Mankin
2 mins
team sitting around table with thought bubbles representing marketing collaboration tools

No matter how big your marketing team is or how comprehensive your strategies and marketing plans are, the entire department probably feels the pressure of the company on their shoulders every day. It is up you to define your lead funnel, create a complete content plan, and maintain strong brand awareness across numerous channels — all in an effort to drive and measure your contribution to the sales pipeline.

Here are some ways to implement marketing collaboration tools into your strategies for the best results:

Project Management For Optimal Productivity

This probably feels like a given, but some marketing departments, especially smaller teams, haven’t adopted project management effectively. They may have to-do lists in place without due dates and priorities set.

It can take a lot of time to build processes within a project management tool when you are starting out, and then there’s the matter of getting your team (and yourself) to adopt it. But once you get everything set up and start documenting, it becomes much easier to work quickly and independently.

Pro tip: Integrate your project management tool with your collaboration platform by providing links within specific tasks to related information, content, and conversations.

Create a Content Repository To Keep Everything In One Place

With multiple members on your team creating a high volume of content for both your marketing and sales departments, it’s important to have all of your content stored in one place that is accessible by everyone. This includes company knowledge, creative files, templates, sales collateral and more.

With teams spending up to 20% of their time searching for content, it is essential to create a content repository that is not only easy to upload files to but is also easy to search. Your team will love being able to find all of the information they need, when they need it, without wasting time with cumbersome email chains asking the same questions over and over again.

Pro tip: Implement a knowledge sharing platform with intuitive and comprehensive search so your team can do more than find content, but also ask questions and get answers, fast.

Collaborate With Third Parties In Your Workflows

Marketing departments don’t work alone– or at least they shouldn’t. Often, marketers find themselves collaborating with third-party agencies, contractors, and co-workers from other departments to get the best results from their strategies and projects. And while you want their expertise, they certainly don’t need access to everything.

Implement collaboration tools that allow you to grant or limit access as needed to outside parties for specific projects. This means everyone can communicate in one place (goodbye, email chains!) and access the project information or company knowledge that is needed to get the job done.

Pro tip: When implementing marketing collaboration tools to improve productivity, give your team a gentle nudge in the right direction when they email a question that can be answered elsewhere. Answer the question in short, but also provide the link to where they can find the answer to encourage resourcefulness in the future.

With all of the moving parts, defined goals, and team members involved in marketing processes and projects, it can feel almost impossible to keep your workflows running efficiently and campaigns producing consistent results, all while keeping everyone on the same page. But with the right marketing collaboration tools in place, projects are more effective, team members are more productive, and results are plentiful.

September 19, 2017

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