Roundup: Proactive Customer Support, Strategies for Employee Engagement, and More

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We’re happy to share some of the most interesting articles we’ve come across about social business, the future of work, and customer experience. We hope you’ll find them interesting and valuable.

Marketing from the Customer’s Perspective

Today’s customer values relevant, targeted, and personal interaction with their favorite brands. In this Forbes article, Loren McDonald discusses how businesses must consider their marketing programs from the perspective of the customer at every point in the customer journey.

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Taking a Proactive Approach to Customer Support

Customers expect immediate and personalized service and are quick to take their business elsewhere if they don’t get it. In this TargetTech article, Scott Sachs explains how a proactive approach to customer support can help businesses avoid problems and get ahead while enhancing the customer’s experience.

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Employee Engagement in the Purpose Economy

Today’s “purpose economy” workforce is made up of a large number of women and millennials who very much value their purpose in life and seek fulfilling careers. In this Forbes article, Homaira Kabir offers strategies to boost employee engagement by creating an honest work environment and providing meaningful opportunities.

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Managing Your Employee’s Innovation Ideas

Asking your employees to share their innovation ideas is a great way to engage them. But what happens when crowdsourcing leaves management with too much information to sort through? Ron Ashkenas gives direction on how to strategically manage the creation and execution of innovation ideas in this Forbes article.

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Damage from Customer Service Indifference

Studies by the Technical Assistance Research Programs (TARP) show that 68 percent of customer defections occur because customers perceive indifference from the organization they are doing business with. In this Huffington Post article, Jun Loayza describes three ways helpdesk indifference will damage your business, and how to handle it.

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How Traditional Salespeople Can Stay Relevant

As new technologies are transforming the way business is done, machines and digital processes are replacing human workers in many industries. How can salespeople prove their value to avoid being replaced by automation? Clara Shih provides four tips for traditional salespeople in the digital era in this Fast Company article.

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