Bloomfire Shortlisted for Vendors in Partnership Award

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    We’re excited to share that Bloomfire has been shortlisted for the first annual Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards program. Bloomfire received recognition during the awards ceremony on Friday, January 10th, at New York City’s Gotham Hall. The awards program featured 17 categories, and other nominees included software providers Hubspot, Salesforce, and AdRoll. We were nominated by one of our customers, Jason Pafford of Orvis, in the Best Customer Analytics and Retail Insights category.

    Vendors in Partnership is a new awards program created to recognize innovative retail solutions providers. Vicki Cantrell, the co-founder of the VIP Awards, told TotalRetail that she helped launch this awards program to recognize solutions providers that “help keep retail evolving, exciting and engaging for customers and industry professionals alike.”

    “So many solution providers that support the retail industry not only understand the value of long-term relationships, they consider it part of their mission,” Cantrell said. “We need to reward those companies, and demonstrate that this is the best future success measure for others that are still struggling to break out of the transactional mind-set.”

    Bloomfire works with a wide range of B2B and B2C customers, including retail companies such as Orvis, Shaw, and Brunswick. We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships and helping our customers succeed in democratizing knowledge across their organizations. Orvis’ Jason Pafford credits Bloomfire’s knowledge sharing platform with helping to unite contact center employees around easy-to-access information, allowing them to deliver exceptional customer service. “It all ties into customer experience for us,” Pafford said. “By having Bloomfire, we’ve elevated that yet another notch.”

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