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Product Comparison Guide 7 Ways Sharepoint Falls Short for Knowledge Sharing

Our Customers These brands are leveraging knowledge sharing to boost efficiency

We work with companies to help them increase efficiency by providing exceptional knowledge sharing and customer support platform solutions.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Capital One
businesswoman at conference providing personalized customer service to client
Bloomfire is changing how people go about their work. Rather than talking to 10 people to learn something new, they have one place to go.
Coleen Akers
Insights Product Manager, Capital One

What you'll learn Our guides are packed with knowledge

Are you searching for a new knowledge sharing solution, or trying to make the case to switch from your current one? Use our Bloomfire vs. SharePoint guide (complete with a comparison chart) as a handy reference. We review how Bloomfire and SharePoint stack up when used for sharing knowledge across organizations. Our guide compares Bloomfire and SharePoint across seven facets, including:

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    Understand the different approaches Bloomfire and SharePoint take to their search and filter features.
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    Total cost of ownership

    Learn about some of the hidden maintenance and service costs associated with SharePoint.
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    End user experience

    Discover some of the bottlenecks end users may experience with SharePoint and learn how Bloomfire empowers end users by allowing for customization without coding.