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Reduced internal emails by up to one third

Reduced time to ask and answer questions

With the largest commercial database in the world, Dun & Bradstreet is the global leader in analytics and insights for businesses. By uncovering truth and meaning from data, they connect their customers with the prospects, suppliers, clients, and partners that matter most. Nearly 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Dun & Bradstreet’s data, insights, and analytics.

In 2014, Dun & Bradstreet recognized that they needed a better way to communicate internally across teams. Their goal was to eliminate repetitive emails and the need to search through multiple content repositories to find information. They were also looking for a way to centralize information about D&B Direct, a solution that lets their customers access partner data and integrate it into their workflows.

Bridging the Information Divide

Dan Zadik, an Austin, Texas-based Solution Engineering Leader with Dun & Bradstreet, led the search for a platform that could streamline the exchange of knowledge across teams. He proposed creating a community where technical sales, product management, documentation, and support teams could come together to find and share the information they needed.

“To help our teams provide the best support to D&B Direct customers, we needed a collaboration solution that provides real-time access and sharing of information,” Zadik said. He noted that experts in different parts of the organization needed to be able to quickly answer questions to help customers.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between the technical teams who were creating our D&B Direct API and the engineers on the sales side. The goal was to reduce the redundant questions and offer a searchable place to proactively share information.”

Choosing Bloomfire to Enrich the Exchange of Knowledge

Zadik searched the web for a solution that would allow employees across teams to share content, ask and answer questions, and comment on one another’s contributions. He wanted a tool that required minimal training and supported sharing multiple types of content, including video. It was especially important for him to find a platform that would make it easy for users in different parts of the organization to exchange information, rather than just having a few people pushing out information and launching “one-way conversations.”

He narrowed down his search to three options and gathered a team to help him evaluate each and make a selection. The group unanimously chose Bloomfire due to its ease of use and capabilities. They noted that they appreciated Bloomfire’s simple but powerful Q&A engine, the ability to create posts from their existing materials, and the ability to quickly organize those materials in the platform.

Improving Productivity by Making Knowledge Readily Available

After choosing Bloomfire, Zadik was able to launch Dun & Bradstreet’s new knowledge sharing community in days. “I had the community up and running about a day after investing a short amount of time to add content that the community would find valuable,” he said. “Within a week, I had a thriving online community. Members immediately saw the benefit and started going to Bloomfire for the information they needed to answer technical questions from potential customers.”

Dun & Bradstreet’s product management and pre-sales engineering team began using Bloomfire in early 2014. By 2018, platform use had expanded to the solution architecture team, technical account managers, and more sales and support staff. After four years of using Bloomfire, team members were still highly engaged with the platform, with many employees saying that it had become a natural part of their daily workflow.

“Now, if someone sends an email with a question, the respondent often says ‘Let me Bloomfire that for you’ rather than ‘Let me Google that for you’,” Zadik said. “It’s a small thing, but that joke changes the trend of people’s behavior and reinforces that Bloomfire is the place to go to find answers.”

Since adopting Bloomfire, repetitive internal emails have decreased significantly. Zadik estimated that he gets about one third fewer emails per day now that his groups are using Bloomfire. Team members now use Bloomfire to make important information available to all co-workers who may need it rather than siloing information to a few email recipients.

Empowering the Sales Team to Close Deals Faster

When Zadik’s sales engineering colleagues have technical questions from customers, they know to check Bloomfire before contacting Zadik or others on the product management and development teams. Sales engineering team members are accelerating the time it takes them to close deals by quickly finding answers to questions that would previously have taken valuable time to track down.

“Bloomfire allows us to respond to questions that require input from a group of people, and to store that information in a place where it can easily be located and accessed again,” Zadik said. “It identifies experts with an intelligent search engine that connects knowledge and people.”

"If someone sends an email with a question, the respondent often says ‘Let me Bloomfire that for you’ rather than ‘Let me Google that for you.’ "

Dan Zadik,

Solution Engineering Leader, Dun & Bradstreet

Zadik noted that one of the biggest benefits Dun & Bradstreet has seen from Bloomfire is the time it gives employees back to focus on the work that matters most. “By reducing the time it takes to track down information, Bloomfire frees the Dun & Bradstreet product and sales team to spend more time focusing on building relationships with their prospects and clients.”

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