Samantha Schneider

Chief Operating Officer

The leader of our entire operation. Samantha is an expert in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, drives our customer-obsessed culture, and is a champion for inclusivity at Bloomfire. Her leadership has inspired our team to create products that our customers love, which has been rewarded with great loyalty

Samantha has held senior level positions in finance, healthcare and insurance agencies. Her expertise spans knowledge management challenges and driving efficiency in customer facing teams.

Operational Excellence Expert badge
“In the ever-evolving business landscape, my role is to ensure that Bloomfire operates like a well-oiled machine, serving our customers and fostering innovation within our team.”

Goals for Bloomfire as the COO:
● Streamlining and optimizing the organization’s operations.
● Cultivating a customer-centric approach across all facets of the company.
● Promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.
● Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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