5 Benefits Of A Knowledge Base

Dana Youngren Written by Dana Youngren

As organizations grow, employees need a space to connect with each other and with the information they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. In every department, performance improves if members of the team can access company knowledge when they need it. Information that is readily available allows customer support to resolve problems faster, marketing to produce more useful content, and sales to close more deals faster.

There are five main advantages of utilizing a knowledge sharing platform in your organization:

1. Improve Productivity

According to McKinsey, employees spend 20 percent of their time at work searching for information they need in cluttered inboxes, unorganized repositories, and the brains of co-workers. A knowledge sharing platform centralizes all of the knowledge living in those spaces and makes it accessible and searchable to all employees. No more scrolling months back in your inbox combing through thousands of emails for a single document, or desperately trying to chase down an expert before they go to lunch. A knowledge sharing platform can reclaim up to a full workday for each of your employees.

2. Encourage Collaboration And Increase Employee Engagement

In a knowledge sharing platform with collaboration features, employees can comment on documents or posts, “like” them (similar to social media), ask questions, tag others, etc. This means whether employees are sitting at their desks or on the other side of the world, they can always collaborate on content and products, share ideas, and feel that they are a valued voice within the organization.

3. Prevent Knowledge Loss

As employees leave the organization for various reasons (retirement, job change, or even temporarily for a vacation), without a proper system in place to handle knowledge transfer, you risk losing all of the valuable knowledge that employee acquired in their time with the organization. And that creates problems for the people who are tasked with picking up the pieces.

A knowledge sharing platform empowers employees to thoroughly document every project they complete, piece of content they write, and question they answer, protocol they develop so that transferring tasks and information from one employee to another is a breeze. Just because an employee leaves doesn’t mean their knowledge has to leave with them.

4. Connect Remote Employees

A knowledge sharing platform with a mobile app means that remote employees have access to company knowledge from anywhere, anytime. Employees attending conferences, sales trips, or other events can provide real-time updates, and remote employees don’t have to wait for a weekly conference call with a terrible connection to share their ideas with their team.

5. Reserve Email For One-On-One Communication

Encouraging employees to utilize the knowledge sharing platform for sharing information that might be helpful to a larger group, or to future employees, means that you never have to search through your cluttered inbox for information, and you never have to respond to the same question more than once. This eliminates versioning issues, reduces confusion, and saves you hours.

Reports show organizations that have implemented a knowledge sharing platform see increases in productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement. When employees are empowered to do their jobs faster and more efficiently, the customers and partners benefit as well.

See how other organizations implemented knowledge sharing platform for social learning, employee engagement, improving customer support, sales enablement, and more. Finding the right knowledge sharing platform for your organization may be a bit daunting, but when you begin to see results, the benefits are immeasurable.

Harness The Power Of Knowledge Sharing With Digital Transformation

Companies that grasp what the digital workplace is really all about are willing to change the ways people and applications connect across their organizations. By fostering a digitally driven culture of collaboration, they break down silos, share knowledge more effectively, and compete more successfully.

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